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Developers, Welcome!

Since the opening of the App Store in 2008, iPhone users have made more than 700 million app downloads. By ad-enabling your mobile apps, you generate new streams of revenue. Use our flexible APIs to deliver ads from our robust server network across applications, games, SMS messages, WAP sites, and more.


Using the Mojiva SDKs, you can monetize mobile apps with higher potential rates of engagement than simple "turnkey" non-contextual mobile advertising platforms. Mojiva's smart technology gives you unprecedented control over the level of interaction with many campaign parameters that can help you improve yields. Embedded mobile app advertising lets you engage a self-selected audience in a frequently-accessed medium.


Support for iPhone, Google Android and Other Smartphone Apps Mojiva provides you with the tools you need to integrate context-appropriate, targeted advertising into your iPhone, Android or other application.

Easy Integration

We support a wide range of integration methods and also provide code snippets for implementation in various technologies. We also provide complete documentation outlining customizable implementation parameters.


Target ad display in your apps by keywords and content channels, phone manufacturers, service carriers, geographic location, and more.


Real-time analytics from Mojiva's control panel lets you measure the success of your mobile apps advertising campaign, allowing developers to leverage more value from their mobile app product.

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