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Developer Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I serve both text and graphic ads in my application?

Yes, all ads within our network meet guidelines for proper screen display on the majority of manufactured mobile devices.

Can I modify or make changes to the Mojiva install code?

No, you may not. Making modifications to the install code might affect the behavior of the ads displayed on your website and negatively impact your earnings. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel accounts of developers who fail to comply with these guidelines.

I am a developer making mobile games and applications. Why do I need a Publisher account?

Games and apps for mobile represent content designed for a specific mobile audience, and offers the perfect medium for targeted contextual mobile advertisements. A Mojiva Publisher account gives you the tools to monetize your mobile content, whether it is a WAP site, a downloadable iPhone application or game, or any other mobile-ready content.

Do I get paid on the basis of impressions or click-throughs?

When you establish your Mojiva Publisher account you have the option of choosing one or the other. Each have different advantages and cost efficiency factors based on the volume of usage and downloads your application receives.

I have multiple apps for both iPhone and Google Android. Do I need separate Publisher accounts?

For the purposes of embedding mobile ads, each application you wish to monetize is considered a Site in your Publisher account. Within a single Publisher account you can create as many Sites as you wish, pending approval based on our quality criteria, and those sites can be iPhone apps, sites, Google Android apps, or mobile-ready websites.

How do I know if ads are running in the app?

Once you change your application's language-appropriate Mojiva install code variable (removing "test=1"), your ads will run live in your application when it is launched. You will be able to track impressions, clicks, CTR, cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), and much more in real-time using your Publisher control panel.

How do I reach Mojiva tech support?

Write our 24-hour support technicians at Alternatively, you can create a support ticket or you can chat with live support staff during regular business hours, 9AM to 5PM M-F EST.

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